We have some BIG dreams and at Breaking History it's our mission to break world records around BIG issues affecting local communites! We do this by creating multimedia to:


We engage people from the person on the street to the top executives in the corner offices to get involved in the cause, and capture the experience for audiences.


Each episode entertains with the antics that come with record smashing. It’s messy. Over-the-top. Hilarious at times. Even dangerous in moments!


Our job at Breaking History wouldn't be fullfilling if we didnt educate our viewers and effect lasting change within the communites we serve.

$100,000 RAISED!

Working with EG in Sydney Australia to break the world record for the largest image of a house made of humans for Youth Off The Streets. Ended up raising over $100,000 AUD for the charity and bringing togehter more than 700+ people to attempt the world record!

 37,000+  Socks

Working with the Action Center in Lakewood, CO Breaking History and the community collected more than 37,000 pairs of socks to put socks on every homeless person in Colroado for the winter. Smashing the Guiness World Record for the largest sock drive in 8 hours!

World Champion

Competiting against more than 30,000 people from 116 coutnries Ryan Avery wins the World Championship of Public Speaking for Toastmasters International to show youth how to use their voice to make a differnce in our world!

Antarctica Bound

Ryan Avery and his wife travel to all sevel continents to break a world record in order to help people around the world learn how to accomplish any big dream they have!

Candles for Victims

The Breaking History Team will look to work with Mother’s Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) to raise awareness for the 105,000+ people who’ve died in the US from drunk drivers over the past decade. What image will they create? Who will add the last candle? Why should you watch? Stay tuned for this episode!

Heads for Cancer

The Breaking History team will look to work with Alex’s Lemonade Stand To raise more than $400,000 for childhood cancer research. Why $400,000? Who will be in attendance? Special celebrity appliances? You won’t won’t to miss this episode!

Food For Families

The Breaking History Team will team together with SC Thrive in South Carolina to give food to more than 75,000 families throughout the state. Why South Carolina? Is this world record a bandaid to a larger problem? Get answers and hear from families who benefit from places like SC Thrive.

13 WR in 24 HRS

The Breaking History Team is going BIG for this episode. 13 World Records in one hour. How? Where? When? Stay tuned for the most epic episode of season one! Watch to see what happens when people of different cultures, races, religions and communities all work together!

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