Ryan Avery

Co-Creator & Host

Known for being one of the Millennial generations most profound voices on strategic communication and achievement, Ryan uses his experience as a Marketing Director, World Champion and Entrepreneur to show leaders and their teams how to reach their goals with lightning speed, communicate their message with absolute clarity and turn their ideas into measurable, momentum-building action!

Caz Rubacky

Co-Creator & Director

I am called a director, producer and videographer but really I am someone who likes to take ideas and make them real. I like to take an idea and put it on the screen. I have worked with small, medium and large agencies to produce segments for some of the biggest brands in the world. Working on Breaking History is one of the best projects to be part of as it ties together all of my core values and passions.

Hank Vohrer

Director of Photography

I love to create. It is who I am and what I do. I am always looking to explore new grounds, new ideas and master new techniques. A job is not a job to me. It is a opportunity, a process of collaboration, sketching, testing and discovering matched by practiced execution. I make films, design lighting, shape brands, illustrate, paint, design graphics and fashion, and above all, think… in a word, an ARTIST.

Mike Reft

Assistant Director

Mike Reft is an award-winning filmmaker from Maryland who has intrenched himself in every facet of media making. From working on Hollywood blockbusters to passion project short films, writing and directing to running cable, grip and electric. He is all about creating the content that inspires, empowers, and motivates.

Sanjay Seunarine

Camera Ops

I have over seven years of experience in still photography and film. I specialize in advanced forms ofimage capture including aerial photography//film, motion control, and time-lapse. FAA licensed pilotand insured for drone operations.

Sharlyn Aumentado


I am often called a “Jill of all trades.” I have been working as a coordinator and assistant since 2003 for various projects around the world. I speak multiple languages, have an amazing family, love to travel and dance. If it has to do with coordination, count me in. I love logistics and making sure we have everything we need for the day, for the show and for travel!

Jordon Bailey


If it needs to be photographed, I am your guy! I love taking more than photos, I love capturing moments that last forever.

Eddie Branson

Set Design & Grip

I am the guy on set who makes the set look good. I am the one who helps where help is needed and I love it. Couldn’t imagine a better job! Been doing it for the past decade and love every minute of it!