Ryan Avery & Caz Rubacky

Creators of Breaking History

The concept of Breaking History started in Ryan’s childhood home back in 1999 when he attempted to break the world record for the longest chain of soda tabs to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House.

Collecting more than 2,000 tabs with his friends over six months Ryan was unsuccessful in setting the world record but raised great money and awareness for The Ronald McDonald House. This got him thinking… “what other world records could we break to help other people?”

Nearly 20 years later, four successful world records and several failed attempts under his belt he has teamed up with Director Caz Rubacky and AHA Productions to produce Breaking History. The show that brings people together to break world records around BIG issues affecting our communities.

Why Caz? During one of Ryan’s delayed flights in 2017, Ryan calls his friend and videographer he has worked with in the past to produce some of his keynote videos… Caz Rubacky. Ryan has this “aha moment” and realizes, “What if we made a show out of breaking world records to help people?”. Caz say yes and the two start assembling the team, scheduling world records and putting together Season One. We have a lot more work to do and places to go and we are making it happen!

The Breaking History Team has one very ambitious goal… have the world record for the most world records.

Ambitious? Yes! Doable? You bet! With the right team, with the right investors and with the right world records we can help so many while inspiring the world to do BIG things in BIG ways for those who really need us. This is the beginning of Breaking History. Help us keep writing our story.

Join us and let’s keep breaking history!